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Vacation In Kathmandu– Tasting The City’s Food

From time to time, all of us need a nice holiday trip, to assist ourselves in handling the pressures of the today’s world. Be it a full-blown holiday or a weekend trip, they can play an important part in keeping us in top form, physically and mentally. Vacations let usunwind and relax ourselves, and do things that we enjoy. There are many excellent places for destination all over the country that people may choose.

nepali cuisine

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Tourism In Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a great place for a nice holiday, even though the city is quite underrated as a tourist destination. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, India’s northern neighbour, and it is also a beautiful hill station.There is many awe-inspiring and beautiful locations in and around Kathmandu, because of it being located amidst the Himalayan ranges. One can go to many beautiful places here, and can explore. Thus, Kathmandu is a great place to get close to nature.
There are a lot of other positives in Kathmandu as well. As the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is a relatively developed city. Thus, one can do some excellent shopping here. There are many shopping malls in the city where one can buy general stuff. Tourists can also go to the many street markets to get great deals and buy souvenirs as well.


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Another attraction in Kathmandu is the Nepali cuisine. A cuisine that can be both spicy and also simple, the country’s cuisine is quite delicious and waiting to be discovered by the mainstream population. There are many restaurants serving authentic Nepali cuisine that tourists should certainly try out. One can taste other cuisines in the many restaurants in the city, as well.
Tasting the Food Of Kathmandu
The cuisine of Nepal, though not widely recognised, is quite delicious, and should certainly become a mainstream favourite. There are many excellent dishes in the cuisine. Some of the best foods in Kathmandu are:
This dish is one of the Nepali dishes that is known far and wide. Thupka is a type of chicken soup which is spiced delicately, and is quite delicious. The dish is also popular in Bhutan and Tibet. This is one of the Nepali dishes in Kathmandu that tourists shouldn’t miss out on. Thupka can be had in the many street shops and also in the many restaurants.

kathmandu hotels

Kathmandu Hotels

Chicken Masu
Chicken Masu is a delicious curry that is quite popular in Nepal. This spicy curry is best had with some flavoured or plain rice, One should certainly try Chicken Masu while holidaying in Kathmandu.
Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, and thus there are a lot of diplomats, professionals, as well as a lot of tourists coming into this city. To provide accommodation to this heavy influx of people, there are many Kathmandu hotels providing accommodation in the city in all price ranges. Tourists can thus choose the best hotel or resort for themselves according to their budget and other different factors.