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Entice Your Companion with a Best Spent Day in Lonavala

Lonavala StationLonavala Station | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Who says travelling always needs to be exotic? Who says you always need to choose some exotic destination outside your country to have a happy vacation? Well, Lonavala is a place which can help you remove all such conceptions away from you. In fact, you can also decide to have a refreshing start after a day visit to this place. If you are residing near Mumbai or Pune, ensure that you never miss this place of inhaling some fresh oxygen. Take a train to the Lonavala station and hire a car for a day’s adventure.

A Variant Destination Can Be Planned

Moving to know how exciting can this be, let’s know about the places that can be interesting to visit. Look through the past and live in the present. This is what Lonavala can inspire you with. The decorated nature makes you feel that someone has designed it with pain. The revealing nature much away from the cosmopolitan materialism can make you believe the truth of life. Apart from the decorated environment, you can also find some theme parks, museums and some lakes to enjoy.

Rajmachi FortRajmachi Fort | Image Resource : newstracklive.com

Forts Can Be Magnificent

If you want to seek the original pleasures of the place, take a stroll to the Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves can excite you. Trekking to Lohagad Fort in the monsoon will make you get the best glimpse of nature. Rajmachi Fort is also best observed when trekked. Coming to the caves, they are strongly the best place to know about some Buddhist architectures. The inspirational setting and the definite significance about the period is what that takes you to be awestruck. It is better to walk on foot to enjoy the history even better. However, trekking may not be feasible for a day trip, therefore rent a car for the purpose.

Stroll Through Lakes or Falls: Your Choice!

The next strolling can be to the Kune Falls which has a magnificent serenity dwelling on its surrounding. With the best of advantage and accurate identification of these places make an assured decision to create the best memories here. Your place of interest could include the Lions’ Point or the Pavana Lake, or it could be some Dam. Thus, the planning will depend on you. There are few exotic places on the way; you can also stop on any one of them.

5 Star Hotels in Lonavala5 Star Hotels in Lonavala

Plan the Trip Well

For a better adventure, you need to choose the way you feel to have the best pleasure in. On a notice of fact when you understand that you enjoy your train journey better than the car ride, no matter on what car you travel, you will get bored. Thus, start the vacation on your best way. Take an identity about knowing about the places beforehand. You can also carry a map along to have the best guidance. There are various hotels in Lonavala, in fact you can also book for any 5 star hotels in Lonavala which provides rooms for resting for a day. In fact, you can also choose the halt the night and leave back for your home after the hectic day of excavating.

Believe On Being Happy

When there are so many places to see, some only prefer to visit them for a trek. Believe in knowing the difference in making your mind happy and showing the world that you are happy. Choosing the former one is wise. Get the right direction, get the right guide and also make the best use of Google map.

Now coming to some crucial aspect, which is food. On the way to any destination in Lonavala, you get to have roadside dhabas or stalls providing you with packed foods, drinks and also the staple vada pao, sandwiches, etc. After filling your stomach pick the local snacks for your home. The chickpeas are exceptionally homemade and have an adorning taste.