Enjoying Chennai’s Happening Nightlife

We all are always on the lookout for a nice vacation trip to a new place, to take a back foot from the pressures of work, and relax a bit and loosen ourselves up. The tight schedules of the fast-paced modern world can get us any of us mentally and physically exhausted. A holiday trip is a really greatway to keep our mind and body in top form, and giving them some well-deserved rest as well.

Tourism In Chennai

Chennai is one of India’s oldest and most important cities, and also an important industrial, commercial, and tourism hub. It is also the capital of Tamil Nadu. As a result, Chennai sees a lot of air traffic, and is thus well-connected to almost cities in India directly by at least one airline.As a major focus of tourism and trade in India, Chennai has a lot of professionals and tourists flying from cochin to chennaiCochin to Chennai Flights are operated by airlines like flydubai, Sri Lankan airlines, and Air India.

 Air India
Air India | Image Source : wikipedia.org
Chennai is one of the best popular tourist spots in India, and especially so in the southern part of the country.For tourists visiting from Cochin, there are a lot many options to choose fromThere are many different things that make Chennai a great option for a holiday trip destination. From beautiful beaches, huge shopping malls and local markets, great restaurants, to amazing clubs and pubs, Chennai has everything. The cuisine of Chennai is also very popular.
Chennai’s Nightlife

As a large city, Chennai doesn’t disappoint and has an amazing nightlife scene for all the party people in the city. Some of the best clubs and pubs in Chennai are:
Illusions is a great pub and is wildly popular in Chennai, local celebrities can often be spotted chilling here. It’s easy on the pocket as well, and thus the perfect destination for the budget conscious late-night party people, and they offer pretty good deals.Music here is usually EDM, Techno, and Progressive Rock by many awesome guest DJs. For people visiting Chennai, this is a great place to party.
Blend is another very popular night clubs in Chennai, and is most certainly one of the chic places in the city to hang out at. A perfect palace for Chennai’s hip and happening population, the décor and ambience here have a relaxing vibe. It is a must-try for tourists looking to party in Chennai.10 Downing Street
The 10 Downing Street is an excellent destination for party-goers in Chennai. This happening hangout spot is a chic joint decked in an ambience with traditional European vibes. This bar is certainly all about the bass, with weekly Karaoke Nights as well. It is certainly a great place for partying.Gatsby 2000
Gatsby 2000 is certainly one of the most popular club among Chennai’s party crowd. This chic Irish themed pub is a perfect combination of groovy music, amazing décor, and a great ambience. All of these factors combine to make this a great destination for the next weekend.

Gatsby 2000
Gatsby 2000 | Image Source : dineout-cdn.co.in

There are many other excellent clubs in the city as well, where people looking to party in Chennai can visit.


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